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Years have gone by and the Original warriors have retired, but a new team must be formed for X.A.N.A still exists.
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 Lyoko Monsters

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height : 3.3ft
weight : 55.1 lbs
One Hornet can hide another. They never move alone and can go on all territories. They are monsters that look like giant wasps and have a dangerous stinger that throws venom. The eye of X.A.N.A. is found on their “shell” and as soon as it is hit, the Hornets self-destruct.


height : 23 fts
weight : 55.1 lbs
The Flying Mantas are superb flying monsters that look like rays. They are often in Sector 5 around the Celestial Vaulting and generally move in groups. They are white and navy blue and have on their back the symbol of their weak point. They also have powerful laser beams with which they shoot at our heroes.
Sometimes Odd is able to climb on their backs and to control them like flying carpets!


height : 5.7 ft
weight : 396.8 lbs
Blocks are very fast monsters that look like cubes on legs. Their heads have four faces and each face possesses one eye. If the first eye is their organ of control, the others are shooting weapons: laser beams, frozen rays and circular beams of fire. Our heroes must hit the first eye to win against the Blocks. The eye of control is their only weak point.


height : 6.8 ft
weight : 110.2 lbs
The Tarantulas are impressive monsters owing to their big size and power. They move alone or in groups on their four hind legs and use their 2 front legs as frightening shooting weapons.


height : 76.2 ft
weight : 330.7 lbs
Krabs look like giant shellfish with a red crawfish color and are rarely alone. They have two lasers: one simple and one in the stomach, which allow them to aim at several targets at once. The eye of X.A.N.A. is in the middle of their shell.


height : 8.2 ft
weight : 157.4 lbs
The Megatanks seem to be particularly invincible with their armor and unshakeable appearance. To win against these monsters, the heroes must aim at the Megatanks’ eye of X.A.N.A. located inside their shell, in the middle of the aiming glass of the elliptic laser under their metal spheres.


height : 19.7 ft
weight : 26.4 lbs
They have an indescribable form other than these are dangerous creatures with short legs! It is neither their appearance nor their speed that make them dangerous enemies but it is their precise aiming and powerful laser beams.


height : 5.9 ft
weight : 176.32 lbs
Creepers are not very pleasant monsters. With no hands or legs, they look like snakes slithering across the floor, but they always keep their heads high to be on the look-out for Yumi, Odd, Ulrich and Aelita. Their single laser beam is very powerful, and often unvirtualizes our heroes in the Fifth territory


height :?
weight :?
Kongers are eel like enemies in the digital sea. The eye of XANA is on a small yellow pod in it's blue jiggly body. This monster was seen in the episode Maiden Voyage. They don't appear to be able to go on on land or Sector 5. Kongers are very agile as they are able to follow the Skidbladnir and its pods with great ease as well as easily dodging torpedoes fired from the pods. Their weapons are the same as all XANA's monsters; they shoot lasers from their eyes. Kongers seem capable of communicating like Tarantulas through a series of cries, this was shown when the team first found them in The World Network.


height :--
weight :--
The Shark is one of the new monsters in Season 4 of Code Lyoko. It is black and white, and it looks like a shark with a long fin on its back. It looks similar to a Manta. It is one of the newest of the monsters and is related to the Konger. Instead of firing a normal Laser like most monsters, Sharks fire what appear to be torpedoes from their mouth.


height :--
weight :--
The Kalamar is a squid-like monster seen in "Cousins Once Removed". It has an oval, black/grey body with four thin feet sticking out of it. The Eye of XANA is located in the middle of The Kalamar's body. It is a fairly slow monster, but more durable to compensate, taking three torpedoes to destroy while the others can be destroyed with just one. It attacks with a large drill attached to its underside, which it uses to drill through the hull of the Skid. Its eye is hidden beneath the casing on its head, which opens whenever the drill is in use.
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Lyoko Monsters
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