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Years have gone by and the Original warriors have retired, but a new team must be formed for X.A.N.A still exists.
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 Athena Agnito

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PostSubject: Athena Agnito   Athena Agnito EmptyMon Aug 30, 2010 7:20 pm

Full Name: Athena Agnito
Nickname: Atty – Lyoko Name: Seleste
Gender: Female
Martial Status: Single
Age: 17
Birth Date: February 7th
Occupation/Grade: Fighter / Junior
Dreams/Life Goals: To find her brother.

Hair: Grey
Eyes: Silver
Height: 5'6
Build: Slim yet a small muscular tone.

Athena Agnito 1195101551_ANIMEGirl1

Lyoko Warrior -Avatar
Athena Agnito 2h4yu4l
Weapon: Kusari-Gama

Spouse: None
Origin: Born in Greece
Race/Ethnicity: Greek
Language: Greek, French, English.
Blood Type:
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: 125 pounds. Feminine yet muscular.
*Mother: Seleste Agnito – 42 - Artist
Father: Vin Agnito – 45 – Lawyer
Brother(s): Alexander Agnito- “Deceased”
Sister(s): Arial Agnito– 14 - Student
Aunt(s): None.
Uncle(s): Edwin Agnito(father to twin) – 45- Partner in firm with Vin. Mother is a single child.
Pet(s): She use to have a dog by the name of Hazel, but it went missing when she was 6. She has yet to gain a passion to get another animal.

Career/Past Careers: Fighter of Lyoko
Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Running, Martial Arts.
Likes: Jogging.
Loves: Her family.
Dislikes: Losing.
Loathes: X.A.N.A
Fears: She'll never see her brother again.
Strengths: Her stubbornness.
Good qualities: Lovable and Caring when she wants to be.

Character Personality
Athena can be nice to anyone, but that nice can be considered fake. She aims to please, but also doesn't care what others think of her. She prefers to be alone in a nice scenery with a pen and paper in hand to draw or write. Or she could be found with a book in hand, reading over Mythology.

Her emotions towards anyone she finds interest, which is rare, may be odd to her. And she herself may not understand it. Since the loss of her brother she's forever held a fear of water. Even though she is a exceptional swimmer. Her grades are always at a good station when it comes to school work. And she may even put school work over friends. She wants to follow in her fathers footsteps with becoming a lawyer. But she also wants to become a Author, and draw.

Character Background
The Agnito family had always been blessed and treasured for their kindness. The family consisted of five, The father, a man who held a strong law firm with his twin brother, and the mother, whom was a Artist of all kinds. Her art is featured in many galleries in Greece and is posted in varies places online. Their first born child was their son, Alexander Agnito, the second born, his twin Athena Agnito, and their youngest, Arial Agnito.

Everything was fine in their life. Each child got along, Alex and Athena were closest of course, the two being twins. Anything one did, the other had to do as well. And that consisted of Martial arts. Alexander had seen a add on tv and urged his mother to partake in it. And Athena had to do it as well. From the age of 5, to the age of 12, the twins held their places in fighting tournaments. Winning and Loosing, no matter the outcome they were still happy.

A few months after the 13th birthday of the twins, Alex was out with some of his friends from school. And he never returned home. It hurt everyone after a week, and no trace of the boy had been seen at all. Athena was the one who experienced the most pain. It was as if her other half was gone, no where to be found or heard.

There years has thus passed since the boy had gone missing. And to advert her thoughts, her parents sent her from Greece to the Kadic Boarding School. Far away so she can focus on her school work and not the on going investigation of her brothers disappearance. She stopped fighting after her brother went missing, but still holds that passion deep down, hidden behind remorse.

Sample Post:

“Virtualization ”

It was the last thing she heard as her physical body transported into the world of Lyoko. Her body forming into the sky as she dropped to the ground, landing on one knee. She was use to the drop, and her body was fully adjusting to it. It didn't hurt when she landed at all. But that was the least of her worries.

She had been in her dorm earlier, gazing at her locket. The locket that held the image of her twin brother. He was gone, is what everyone told her. Stop worrying about it, get over it. That's what others told her. But she just couldn't accept that fact. She couldn't take that road, which was probably why she was here now.

The heat blazed against her, she was transported into the Desert. A small glare pierced her eyes, she'd wanted to go to the Ice caps. But apparently what she wanted didn't matter at the moment. There was no mission set at hand, but she wasn't good at working that machine so screwing up the location was normal on her part.

Her eye's quickly scanned the area for any sign of monsters, none was in site. But that didn't mean they weren't there. She took a few steps forward, the dirt soft under her steps. Her ears flickered as she heard the beating. The sound of Hornets wings approaching. Finlay, they appear. This was her only reason to really be here. To fight and destroy some monsters to get steam off her chest. Its what she did in her spare time.

With ease she pulled out her Kusari-Gama, holding it by the chain, she began to swing it within her hand. When one of the hornets got near, taking aim at her, she jumped to the side, but was shot by another. This pushed her body back, taking her life points down a bit. With a sigh of frustration she quickly emerged to her feet and threw her Kusari-Gama, keeping the chain in hand so that the weapon would return to her, the blade pierced right through the marking, and It exploded. She turned on the other and killed it in the same manor.
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PostSubject: Re: Athena Agnito   Athena Agnito EmptyMon Aug 30, 2010 7:33 pm

To discuss this character, please go here.
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Athena Agnito
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